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26 Feb 2018

4 Charging Mistakes That Are Hampering Your Phone’s Battery

The most sensitive part of a mobile phone is its battery. A mobile phone with decent features is not good if it does not come with a durable battery life. In most cases, the battery life of
16 Feb 2018

samsung j7 pro broken screen repair in hamilton

samsung j7 pro broken screen repair in hamilton Professional samsung j7 pro broken screen repair in hamilton at budget computer hamilton. samsung galaxy is the most popular series of samsung smart phones. But after galaxy series next
14 Feb 2018

5 Warning Signs Your Computer Is In Trouble

Advanced technology is the best thing to have but it is also true that technology systems do not last forever. No matter how expensive a server or a computer is, it will need to be replaced or
9 Feb 2018

4 important cellphone repair tips from our engineers

Mobile phones have become one of the basic necessity for humans today and therefore, damaged mobile phones are quite painful for their owners. Although, there are a number of mobile phone repair shops both online and offline
2 Feb 2018

Reason Behind Constant Need For Samsung Mobile Phone Repair

Mobile phones today, are the backbone of every human. No individual today can function efficiently without a mobile phone. Be it for alarm purpose, music purpose or photography purpose, almost every individual requires a smartphone in the