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15 Jan 2020

Samsung Note 9 Broken Screen Repair

Samsung’s Note lineup is the flagship-grade Smartphones which is packed with the best features that a Smartphone of this trend needs. Besides, the stylus on the phone also provides some incredible tweaks that no other phone can
15 Jan 2020

Samsung S9 and S9 Plus Cracked Screen Repair

Samsung s9 and s9 plus were the best flagship phones of their time with the immersive OLED displays, an efficient processor and incredible performance. But the screens of these flagship phones are hardly replaceable with the original
10 Dec 2019

Repair Laptop Hinge at Reasonable Cost

The hinges of a laptop are made from a low-cost metal. They are not durable and face wear and tear when the laptop is opened and closed. Budget Computer provides the services of Laptop Broken Hinge Repair
10 Dec 2019

Obtain a Proper Repair for Laptop & IPad

Many people own a laptop instead of desktop computers. Laptops are portable and can be taken anywhere. A new laptop works fine but with time many problems can occur like battery not charging properly, unexpected shutdown, slow
8 Oct 2018

Our Experts At BUDGET COMPUTERS Share Few Benefits Of Taking Your Busted Samsung Smartphone To Professionals

Every one of us rely on our smartphones every second of the day, from the moment we wake up to our nighttime social media journey, so when it gets damaged, we don’t even think twice before rushing
27 Apr 2018

What could be causing your mobile to go erratic?

Mobiles have simplified our life to an incredible extent: to help us connect with people across countries, to making deliveries of almost every service ‘a piece of cake.’ Mobiles especially smart-phones have escalated the accessibility to an
20 Apr 2018

Top 3 Common Tablet Issues That You Can Easily Avoid

With the ongoing advancement in the huge world of digital devices, the tablet has created a buzz. Many gadget lovers who enjoy the innovations of a creative mind, own this device in their profession. There are multitudes
13 Apr 2018

Broken Laptop Screen, Don’t Panic: Try These Helpful Tips To Get It Repaired

A laptop or MacBook has become an essential part of everyone lives these days and it’s utmost important to keep these devices in a good working condition always. Laptops are such compact devices that breaking of one
6 Apr 2018

Helpful Laptop Repair Tips and Tricks Every User Should Know

Laptops are very delicate and useful devices. People cannot imagine their world without laptops or PC these days. We all work in a cruel environment where our laptop experience a lot of abuse and cruelty. Because of
26 Feb 2018

4 Charging Mistakes That Are Hampering Your Phone’s Battery

The most sensitive part of a mobile phone is its battery. A mobile phone with decent features is not good if it does not come with a durable battery life. In most cases, the battery life of