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8 Apr 2019

Finding the Right Technician for Screen Repairs of Smart Phones and Tablets

The smart phones of today are an intricate part and parcel of people’s lives. You can’t bear to spend even a few minutes away from your device. As a result, reliable and fast repairing services are crucial
5 Jan 2018

6 Smart Tips to keep your Smartphone Virus free

Smartphones are one of essential asset for everyone nowadays. With the help of broad range of smartphones and mobile devices, you can carry your entire world in your pocket. The safety and security of your smartphone should
15 Dec 2017

Samsung galaxy s6 edge : what curved screen means

Finally, Samsung decided to change the game by modifying design of the smartphone  adding edge on both side of the device. The edge version is not only different in context to design but it is whole new
8 Dec 2017

5 misconception of phone repair

Our lives revolve around smartphone, a single thought of damage even for a second make a mess inside our brain. I heard people and their “myths” about the repair industry and repairing process. The technology has gone
9 Aug 2017

smartphone overheating problems and solutions

smartphone overheating problems and solutions Samsung LG Motorola Sony are without a doubt one of the best phone in industry. smartphone overheating problems and solutions Some issues can occur any time no matter how great a device is.
27 Jun 2017

samsung gear watch lcd repair

samsung gear watch lcd repair Along with all samsung phone repair at budget computer we also do samsung gear watch lcd repair so if you are using any of samsung smart watch. samsung gear fit series or
24 May 2017

Can My Broken Smart Phone Be Fixed

Smartphones are an important part of today’s lifestyle and it is very difficult to imagine a  single minute without it. As much important  it is and makes our life easy, smartphones are delicate enough to break, develop
8 May 2017

samsung screen repair

samsung screen repair hamilton Get your samsung screen repair in hamilton with genuine parts. Budget computer hamilton stocks most of samsung screen in stock and fix within couple of hours. Our aim is to provide our customers
17 Apr 2017

5 Important Tips To Shield Your Smartphones From Getting Hacked Or Damaged

Smartphones are the gadgets of the new millennium. Anyone and everyone has a smartphone in their hands almost all the time. The smartphone is one gadget that has become the most important part of our life now.
12 Apr 2017

samsung galaxy s7 edge charging port replacement

samsung galaxy s7 edge charging port replacement in hamilton Samsung has improved quality and durability of their samsung phone charging ports over the years. Samsung galaxy s7 edge charging port replacement is not as easy as on