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15 Sep 2021

Laptop Cracked LCD Screen Repair in Hamilton New Zealand

The Budget Computer is one of the best repair centers for fixing your laptop’s cracked LCD screen in no time. As you know most service centers offer cheap quality replacement parts including LCD screens for low prices
18 Jun 2021

We Offer Best Antivirus for Your Computer and Laptop, Secure Your Data & Banking on Laptop and Phones

Looking to secure your data on your computer? The Budget Computers Company is one of the best suppliers of Computer software services, including industry-leading antivirus software for you. The company has brilliant experience in software quality and
21 May 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus Broken Screen Repair

Phones are an integral part of everyone’s life. It is hard to think of a life without having a smartphone in hand. For this, a phone with damaged parts or a broken screen becomes a cause of
19 Feb 2021

Samsung S20 and Note 20 Broken Screen Repair

The Budget Computer agency is one of the best service providers in New Zealand to carry out critical services like Samsung S20 and Note 20 Broken Screen Repair services. As you know broken screens aren’t completely repairable
15 Oct 2020

Huawei Broken Screen Repairs in Hamilton New Zealand

The Budget Computers Company is one of the best service providers for Huawei Broken Screen Repairs in Hamilton New Zealand available users and clients on a larger basis. The company has a brilliant experience when it comes
17 Aug 2020

Laptop Screen and Logic Board Repairs in Hamilton New Zealand

Laptops have become one of the major parts of everybody’s life. They are easily portable and can be taken from one place to another very easily. All the parts of the laptop are very delicate so the
12 Feb 2020

Samsung Logic Board Repair Centre in Hamilton New Zealand

Consult any repair center in Hamilton for top-rated services. One-stop for all Logic board issues Whatever your trouble, irrespective of how large or small magnitude, the dedicated sales and customer service executives will provide a competitive and
12 Feb 2020

Samsung Note 10 Plus Broken Screen Repair

Friends and memories, Music and images, News and media – You rely on your Samsung Note 10 phone for everything, and when it’s out of order, unfortunately, so are you. You can trust the services With the
4 Jun 2019

Get the Best Laptop Screen Repair Services from the Most Trusted Laptop Repair Hub

Laptops and notebooks are known as the wonders of computing devices in today’s modern era. These devices are portable and powerful as the desktop counterparts, & consume minimal energy and electricity. But, sometimes due to the compact
9 May 2019

Get the Damaged Tablets Repaired at Budget Computer

Budget Computer provides the services of Samsung Tab Screen Repair. If the screen or anything else of your tab is damaged, you can contact us and we will do all the repairs to make the tablet workable