samsung note 9 screen repair in hamilton New Zealand

samsung note 9 screen repair in hamilton new zeland

samsung professional repairs, samsung note 9 screen repair in hamilton new zealand bring it to budget computer hamilton at 125 ward street hamilton new zeland and get your samsung s9 broken screen fixed professionally.

Samsung note 9 screen repair is not too difficult if you have the right tools. You will need thin metal spudger phillips 000 screw driver and tweezer. Yes just these 3 tools and a heat gun of course.

Samsung galaxy series phones has back panel hard glued with the metal housing. To access any hardware on samsung galaxy you have to remove back battery panel. Heat back panel and insert metal spudger ro cut the adhesive holding battery panel to metal housing.

Once the battery panel is off use phillips screw driver to remove all the screws. Samsung note 9 lcd screen which we have used in this repair has metal housing already fitted to it which make this repair more easier. We have to remove all the hardware and install on new housing.

Only the battery and charging port on samsung s9 is glued whch can be removed with a little heat and pulling up with tweezer. Power button volume buttons are all fitted to samsung s9 new housing.

samsung note 9 screen repair in hamilton new zealand at budget computer hamilton

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